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Since the implementation in 2013 of the agreement between ParisTech and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to create a PhD program in France, 110 students have been admitted in the program.


This program is open to highly qualified Chinese students interested in carrying out a PhD at ParisTech with financial support from CSC.


We kindly remind you of the special features of this program:


-  Students have the possibility to complete a co-supervised PhD in collaboration between their home research group in China and a host laboratory in France.


-  Chinese nationals currently studying in China, but also in France or in one of the 32 partner countries of the CSC, are eligible for the program.


For the 2019 admission campaign, 133 PhD Research Projects are offered by ParisTech “Grandes Ecoles” laboratories in the following Research Fields:


-Biology, Biophysics and Bio Chemistry


-Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


-Economics, Management and Social Sciences


-Energy, Processes


-Environment Science and Technology, Sustainable Development, Geosciences


-Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies


-Life and Health Science and Technology


-Materials Science, Mechanics, Fluids


-Mathematics and their applications


-Physics, Optics


-Design, Industrialization


-Life Science and Engineering for Agriculture, Food and the Environment


-Urban planning, Transport


Candidates can apply either:


-  for up to 3 PhD Research Projects listed


-  or for an entire Research Field


ParisTech-CSC doctoral program - 2019 calendar and application procedure:


List of PhD Offers:


Announcement in Chinese on WeChat:


Application deadline: December 15, 2018

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