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Graduate​ School of Tongji University

Tongji University always attaches consistent importance on graduate education. As early as in the beginning of 1950s, we have started to enroll graduate students in several specialties. With the approval of the State Council in 1986, Tongji officially established its graduate school in 1996, one of the key cultivating bases of high-level professional talents in China. The graduate school has 17 doctoral programs of National First-Key disciples, 78 doctoral programs of National Second-Key disciples and 209 master’s programs, covering a great variety of philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, medical science, management. Especially, civil engineering, architecture, transportation, maritime science, environmental science and engineering, mechanics, material science and engineering enjoy state edging and leading position. Machine electricity, management, science, medical science and humanities and social sciences have undergone rapid development.

We have already established a thorough and complete system of cultivation with a view to nurturing high-level professional talents of versatility and capability and for diverse professions. Apart from the academic degrees, we can award many professional degrees such as business administration, administration management, architecture, landscape planning and design, clinical medical science, master of engineering and mouth cavity medical science. Graduate students are cultivated for both academic research and practical appliance with over-all quality. In addition to the normal all-time education, Tongji graduate school also offers special programs for employees, medium-ranked teachers and advanced teachers to pursue or apply for the master degree with the equal educational level.

Giving a high value on the quality of graduate education, we have taken a series of rational, rigid and effective measures on the supervision of educational quality. The ISO9000 standard of educational quality guarantee, which is now under way will enhance the supervision of the graduation education. We will gradually carry out a flexible educational institution, promote the cultivating system of cross-disciple programs and strengthen the principle of elimination. Meanwhile, we are working on a plan of mutual recognition with relevant universities home and aboard.

Tongji University has so far conferred 1,311 doctoral degrees and more than 9,500 master degrees. At present, there are over 12,000 graduate students pursuing doctoral and master degrees in Tongji, as well as 2,700 candidates for professional degrees. We have more than 1,700 supervisors, of which 488 are supervisors of doctoral candidates and 12 members of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The stimulation and development of innovativeness and creativity are high concerned. Currently, we have founded two bases of innovation and creation for civil engineering and transportation, sponsoring doctoral candidates to achieve their projects, holding forums on creation and innovation, and encouraging students to take active part in international and domestic activities.